Adoption Success Stories

There is nothing more fulfilling as when our cats are placed in permanent, loving homes. With time, patience, and caring these cats become members of the family. We hope to inspire future adoptive families with their stories. Here are just a few!

Buddy (formerly Loki)

Hello to all at Cat Tales,

I wanted to let you know how well my new feline buddy is doing. Formerly known by the name Loki, Buddy adjusted immediately to his new home. He is a very loving and affectionate kitty, and just loves to always play….we couldn’t be happier together!
I want to thank all those involved in helping Buddy and I to meet and share life together.

Forever grateful,
Patty G


When Dexter was was found, his eye was too damaged to be saved, so it had to be removed. Dexter was adopted and here’s what his family has to say about him now!

It’s almost been a year since I got my little boy Dexter…he’s been great… I really love him…here is a photo of him with one of his toys…he loves people and always brings his toys out for them to play…he’s a sweetie


Greta is doing amazing in her new home. She loves to sit and look outside the windows, lay in the sun and does a lot of talking to Anne, her adopter. She watches TV with Anne and they share a great bond. Anne just absolutely adores Greta. Greta is definitely happy!!!

Beans (now Miró)

We hope all is well at Cat Tales! It’s been nearly a year since we adopted Miró, and what a happy year it has been. He has brought us much delight and amusement and we think he is enjoying himself as well. We absolutely adore him.

We also wanted to get in touch because we are thinking of adopting a friend for Miró, and since we had such a good experience with Cat Tales, of course we thought of you first!

– Katherine & Nicolas


Anna is doing very well since we brought her home! We gave her a couple of different rooms to acclimate to, but she chose to stay in the living room with us, purring up a storm, and already making herself at home.
She is going to be a lovely addition to our family. Thank you guys so much.


I adopted Sonny and wanted to update you and thank you. He is still shy with visitors but not with me. Eating both dry and wet food, he is very active and healthy. Grateful for the care he received before he came into my life.

Oreo & Grey Boy (FIV cats)

Oreo and grey boy met carefully nose to nose and there
was no combative behavior. They both slept on the bed with
me first night  – Grey boy VERY close. I think it’ll work out great.
Please let everyone know things are going well.

– Teka

Madison (special needs)

She is a happy kitty, still scared of strangers but so affectionate with us and playful with the other cats.

We are so lucky to have her our in our family.

Thank you!

– Anika and Aeris

Devlin & Penelope

They are great! And getting bigger and bigger every day! Devlin, is Mr. Personality and makes friends with everyone he meets. He is always all up in everyone’s business at all times. My mother, who is also their veterinarian, says that he is going to grow into a big soft snuggly boy. She adores him.

Penelope, while not quite as confident as Devlin, is the sweetest kitty. She will play fetch with her little toy mice all after noon. It’s so funny, she’ll just drop it in my lap over and over again. There have been a few times I have gotten out of the shower and she will leave it on the bath mat for me to throw for her when I’m done haha. She is also the only cat I’ve ever had that loooooves belly rubs. Every night she crawls under the blankets in bed and begs for one.

The both of them are quite attached to one another. When one can’t find the other, they cry for each other. It’s heartbreakingly adorable. As I type this they are dead asleep on my lap. This is great for them but bad news for my toes tonight haha! They still have all that kitten energy. Even at 2am.

 – Erin & Katherine

Pauly & Petey

They are happy, healthy and over all great cats.

They were neutered the first week of January and have fully bounced back.

– Daniel


Bianca is doing great! She is such a sweet cat and is really a perfect fit for us. She is adjusting well. She had a bath, she loves to be brushed, and her skin looks great.  She has been to the vet and we have her on an indoor cat formula to help her lose some weight. She is curled up on the couch next to me right now!

Samson & Delilah

Samson and Delilah are doing extremely well! It has been so incredibly rewarding to adopt these 2 kittens. It is truly a labor of love to work with them and see the progress they make as they grow to trust us. The love that they are giving back to us means that much more, knowing where they started. I feel like a very lucky kitty mommy to have them.

We found the tips you provided on this website very helpful in acclimating them to our home:

Delilah will even climb onto my lap for brief periods to get some loves. Samson is still a little more cautious, but will come over to be pet when he is feeling brave. They are in one room as you recommended so they can adjust. If all goes well at the vet, we will be letting them out to the whole house this weekend. They love to play and they both love eating treats right from my hands! They are really developing such cute personalities as they become more and more comfortable with us!