Samson & Delilah

Samson and Delilah are doing extremely well! It has been so incredibly rewarding to adopt these 2 kittens. It is truly a labor of love to work with them and see the progress they make as they grow to trust us. The love that they are giving back to us means that much more, knowing where they started. I feel like a very lucky kitty mommy to have them.

We found the tips you provided on this website very helpful in acclimating them to our home:

Delilah will even climb onto my lap for brief periods to get some loves. Samson is still a little more cautious, but will come over to be pet when he is feeling brave. They are in one room as you recommended so they can adjust. If all goes well at the vet, we will be letting them out to the whole house this weekend. They love to play and they both love eating treats right from my hands! They are really developing such cute personalities as they become more and more comfortable with us!

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