Adoption Success Stories

There is nothing more fulfilling as when our cats are placed in permanent, loving homes. With time, patience, and caring these cats become members of the family. We hope to inspire future adoptive families with their stories. Here are just a few!

Dunkin & Miranda

Dunkin (brown tabby) was a VERY feral and scared kitty. With lots of patience and TLC, Dunkin has become the sweetest love bug in the world! He follows us around, loves to be held, and is always up for snuggles – he’s truly a testament to Cat Tales. Miranda (grey torti), our foster kitty,  was also extremely scared and only decided to come out of her carrier to watch Dunkin play with his toys. He was the start of her becoming a friendly kitty! We’re now formally adopting her too! She’s Dunkin’s best friend; they play all the time and he continues to help her come out of her shell.  In the photo you can see them touching paws as they nap!  We’re so happy that they have each other! ~ Caitrin M.


Miles has one of the biggest personalities and follows us everywhere! When he gets the zoomies, he likes to be chased around the house and he races up the stairs. He always wants kisses and cuddles. Best cat ever!

Here he is enjoying some supervised outside time, cuddling and on “his” new futon!

~Kennedy T.

Beans (formerly Aurora)

We adopted Aurora, now named Bean, a name she chose herself. Bean was pretty saucy when we first got her. Now she’s the biggest cuddle bug and demands attention. Bean is extremely curious to the point that when we are cooking food or bring a new item into the house that we need to show her how it works, and what it is.  Every day with her it is something new, she is our little shadow and always has to be next to, near or following us around the house. She is truly an incredible cat, alarm clock, and muffin maker. She is also well-loved online and loves every minute of any attention she gets.  Check out some of her videos! ~Geonna and Clarence


#catniptea was a success! She didn’t drink all of it, she spilled most of it ud83dude02 #LetsCook #cat

♬ Gonna Fly Now – From “Rocky” – M.S. Art


JuJu & Bridget

Julia (JuJu) & Bridget were adopted from Cat Tales but lived outside before coming to us.  They were initially very shy and did not know how to play. Their main activities were sleeping and bird watching. Little by little they are learning to be family cats instead of feral. After a few months, JuJu started to bat a ball of tin foil around the kitchen and Bridget loved a simple plastic spiral cat toy.  JuJu is now completely adjusted and she will spend a lot of time with me on my desk near the computer or on the arm of the couch. Bridget comes down with me at 6AM and has learned to meow to be fed. They now sit on the kitchen chairs and listen to audio books with me and enjoy being brushed with a toothbrush!! (Thanks to one of my fellow volunteers, Janet who suggested that as well as the Temptations cat treats toy. Now they love to circle the toy and find the treats!)
~ Kay

Patty & Petey

In September of 2019, two 6-week-old kittens, Patty & Petey were brought to the CT Humane Society in Newington. Patty had a pretty serious puncture wound in her chest, and since it was considered a “wound of unknown origin” CHS could not accept them. POA took them and immediately transported them to New England Vet Center in Windsor. Patty needed to be on oxygen, and her condition was such that approval for euthanasia was given.  Luckily, Patty’s condition improved quickly after 4 days and she was well enough to leave the hospital.  However, POA’s Foster network was not set up to handle quarantined kittens, so they contacted Cat Tales who quarantined them for required 6 months.

Patty & Petey were recently adopted.

Their adopters say, “ We love coming home from work. They run to greet us and they sleep together in the same bed. Thank you three-times-over for these incredibly sweet kittens!” 

~ Lorraine & Rob

Zoey and Uno (now Genevieve & Sabastian)

Hello Cat Tales Friends,

Wow, how quickly a year has gone by since Zoey (now Genevieve) and Uno (now Sabastian) came home with us.

As you may recall, at the time we had a 15-year-old tabby, Lizzie. She quickly made them feel right at home and made sure they knew she was in charge. Sabastian developed a little “kitty crush” on his older sister and loved to snuggle with her. Sadly we lost Lizzie in December at 16 1/2 from kidney failure. We miss her terribly but are grateful to have the kittens in the house.

Sabastian is a super sweet boy and loves to cuddle and tease his sister. Genevieve has grown to her full petit size. She is mild-mannered and snuggly. She is a very smart cat who handles her bigger, very rambunctious brother with a swift paw and a stern meow!

They are still as bonded as ever and happy, healthy, friendly and sociable kittens. They have become the perfect pair for our home and we couldn’t be happier to have them with us for their fur-ever home.

Thank you for helping us to get matched with them. We love them dearly and can’t imagine our home without them. Please share this update with your volunteers Stephen and Amalia. They did such a great job of socializing them for our home. We are forever grateful to them for being such great foster parents for the first few months.

-Angela and family

Abigail & Annabelle now Hallie & Lane

I wanted to send an update on Abigail and Annabelle who are now named Hallie and Lane. They are doing awesome! They are playful, sweet and adjusting to our house of 3 little boys very well! They sleep with our 8 year old, Carter, every night which is just what he was hoping for. Thank you so much for allowing us to welcome them into our family!!


She has adjusted wonderfully to being queen of the apartment, bird spotter as well as my shadow. She has come out of her shell to be the sweetest, most affectionate and playful cat – you’d think she was only 4 months old and not 4 years with her energy! Thank you for connecting us!


Brutus and I have been together for four years.

He is the love of my life and such a good boy!

I’m so thankful for him. Continue the good work!

Thank you

~ Marilyn (& Brutus)

Ricky now Riley

So, from the day we brought him home, Riley was instantly taken to us. His little purr machine never stops running, and neither do his legs! We call him Riley the Renegade – because he is so fast and playful – but likes to be curious, which gets him into mischief. There isn’t a toy he won’t play with, nor a treat he won’t eat. He hops up on his back legs and stretches for the food bowl every time I bring it in to feed him, and will reach up with his paws to pull my hand down when it’s holding a treat so he can eat right out of it. He lets out these adorable little “squeaks” as we like to call them: two in succession to show his gratitude. Whenever he is ready for a nap, he seeks out his momma and curls right up on my lap! He loves to sleep in the oddest positions and also stretch his body to the maximum while sleeping, and when he falls asleep, his little paws and tail and nose twitch while he dreams. He is so lovable and cuddly and a little prince from nose to tail. He greets us at the door when we get home from work every day, and his wet little nose likes to poke my mouth for kisses any chance he can get. He loves to give kisses and he even gives us baths – he will lick our hands or our faces when he’s laying down on one of us. It is so cute! We got so lucky with our little fur-lover. We hope we can keep him happy and healthy for a long time! He fits in purrfectly with us and it’s like we’ve had him for years instead of only a month.

~ Katie & Dan

Buddy (formerly Loki)

Hello to all at Cat Tales,

I wanted to let you know how well my new feline buddy is doing. Formerly known by the name Loki, Buddy adjusted immediately to his new home. He is a very loving and affectionate kitty, and just loves to always play….we couldn’t be happier together!
I want to thank all those involved in helping Buddy and I to meet and share life together.

Forever grateful,
Patty G


When Dexter was was found, his eye was too damaged to be saved, so it had to be removed. Dexter was adopted and here’s what his family has to say about him now!

It’s almost been a year since I got my little boy Dexter…he’s been great… I really love him…here is a photo of him with one of his toys…he loves people and always brings his toys out for them to play…he’s a sweetie


Greta is doing amazing in her new home. She loves to sit and look outside the windows, lay in the sun and does a lot of talking to Anne, her adopter. She watches TV with Anne and they share a great bond. Anne just absolutely adores Greta. Greta is definitely happy!!!

Beans (now Miró)

We hope all is well at Cat Tales! It’s been nearly a year since we adopted Miró, and what a happy year it has been. He has brought us much delight and amusement and we think he is enjoying himself as well. We absolutely adore him.

We also wanted to get in touch because we are thinking of adopting a friend for Miró, and since we had such a good experience with Cat Tales, of course we thought of you first!

– Katherine & Nicolas


Anna is doing very well since we brought her home! We gave her a couple of different rooms to acclimate to, but she chose to stay in the living room with us, purring up a storm, and already making herself at home.
She is going to be a lovely addition to our family. Thank you guys so much.


I adopted Sonny and wanted to update you and thank you. He is still shy with visitors but not with me. Eating both dry and wet food, he is very active and healthy. Grateful for the care he received before he came into my life.

Oreo & Grey Boy (FIV cats)

Oreo and grey boy met carefully nose to nose and there
was no combative behavior. They both slept on the bed with
me first night  – Grey boy VERY close. I think it’ll work out great.
Please let everyone know things are going well.

– Teka

Madison (special needs)

She is a happy kitty, still scared of strangers but so affectionate with us and playful with the other cats.

We are so lucky to have her our in our family.

Thank you!

– Anika and Aeris

Devlin & Penelope

They are great! And getting bigger and bigger every day! Devlin, is Mr. Personality and makes friends with everyone he meets. He is always all up in everyone’s business at all times. My mother, who is also their veterinarian, says that he is going to grow into a big soft snuggly boy. She adores him.

Penelope, while not quite as confident as Devlin, is the sweetest kitty. She will play fetch with her little toy mice all after noon. It’s so funny, she’ll just drop it in my lap over and over again. There have been a few times I have gotten out of the shower and she will leave it on the bath mat for me to throw for her when I’m done haha. She is also the only cat I’ve ever had that loooooves belly rubs. Every night she crawls under the blankets in bed and begs for one.

The both of them are quite attached to one another. When one can’t find the other, they cry for each other. It’s heartbreakingly adorable. As I type this they are dead asleep on my lap. This is great for them but bad news for my toes tonight haha! They still have all that kitten energy. Even at 2am.

 – Erin & Katherine

Pauly & Petey

They are happy, healthy and over all great cats.

They were neutered the first week of January and have fully bounced back.

– Daniel