Adoptable Community Cats

While Cat Tales is usually at capacity and cannot take in owner-surrendered cats, we would certainly like to help all cats find nurturing homes where they can live out their lives. Due to the significant increase in the number of homeless animals in the last several years, Cat Tales has decided to meet a community need by dedicating a page on our site to list cats not fostered by us, but still in need of placement.

There are many, varied reasons why these cats cannot be kept by their current families. And as much as we would like to place all of the cats currently in our charge, we realize that sometimes placement from one home to another can also be a good solution to the overall problem of pet homelessness. With that in mind, we urge you to consider all your alternatives before deciding to add to the pool of hundreds if not thousands of homeless animals in our state.

Please be aware that finding homes for cats is a time-consuming project. Adoption rarely occurs quickly. It can take several months or longer for any cat to be re-homed. Should you want a list of helpful questions to ask prospective adopters, one can be e-mailed to you.

In order to effectively post your cat, we will need specific information about the cat. Please contact us and we’ll send you the list of requirements so we can post a profile to our site. Note Cat Tales is not responsible for any part of the transaction between the current family and the prospective adopting family.



Breed:Domestic Short Hair

Color:Black & White

Age:1 year 2 months old

This is a courtesy posting. This cat is not fostered by Cat Tales. Contact the owner directly for more information.

Konan was found as a stray in the Hamden area. He was checked for a microchip (none) and given a checkup, flea treatment, and was neutered. He’s currently at the home of the person who found him making sure he has basic care. However, she has several pets and is managing some personal challenges so she cannot keep him long term. The vet described him as “sweet” but shy, and while he’s guarded at times, he tolerates petting, will eat out of your hand, and is litter box trained. Being a young cat, it's believed Konan will thrive in a loving, forever home of his own once he becomes familiar with his surroundings.  If you adopt him, you may want to give him time to adjust in a room by himself before introducing him to others (pets/kids) in the home. To adopt sweet Konan, please email: 



Breed:Domestic Short Hair

Color:Brown Tabby

Age:15 years 1 month old

This is a courtesy posting. This cat is not fostered by Cat Tales. Contact the owner directly for more information.

Meet Noey, the most affectionate, friendly, and cuddly cat you’ve ever seen. She's never met a human she didn’t like.  Despite being nearly 16 years old, plus the fact she has only three legs, Noey exudes energy and lets nothing slow her down. Noey's "person" is taking a teaching opportunity in Rwanda and cannot take Noey with her. Noey needs to be re-home before December 2023. Noey is up-to-date with vaccines and vet care, but not animal-friendly; she needs to be the only pet. She does requires 2 litter boxes that should be cleaned about every 12 hours as well. The recommended food for her is Hill's Biome Dry Food.  Noey will fill your home with love and warmth! Contact Nicole at to adopt Noey.  

Special NeedsSpecial DietNo CatsNo Dogs



Breed:Domestic Short Hair


Age:10 years old

This is a courtesy posting. This cat is not fostered by Cat Tales. Contact the owner directly for more information.

Nova is a gorgeous kitty whose current owner is moving and sadly needs to re-home him. Nova is adventurous and likes to scout-out places to play, climb, and bird watch. Once he knows and trusts you, he will want to cuddle, get head pets and chin scratches, and will tolerate brushing if you include his cheeks. Best of all, he has mountainous purr that can soothe all worries away. He’ll be the best cat you’ve ever had. Nova is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and should be an only pet in a home with an experienced cat owner. Nova can possibly be paired with a mellow, spayed, female cat. He's healthy but does require a prescription diet and has some medical history for the new owner to be aware of. Please contact Jessica to adopt Nova. Email: or Text: 860-882-3822

Special Diet