Low Cost Veterinary Care

There are differences in traditional full-service veterinary clinics vs. low-cost clinics which this page will not go over as it is not the intention of this page (please do Google the differences the make the best educated choice for you and your family’s circumstance).  This page is to provide a list of low cost spay/neuter clinics as well as low cost vaccine and wellness visit clinics as a reference for those in need.

Low cost spay/neuter


Low Cost Vaccine and/or Wellness Clinics

CT Humane Society Vaccine Clinics – reduced fee vaccination clinic days at its Fox Memorial Clinic

CT Veterinary Medical Association Rabies Vaccine Clinics – reduced cost rabies vaccine clinics

PetVet Clinic – preventive veterinary care clinics held at Tractor Supply stores

VCA Foxon Animal Hospital – Reduced Cost Vaccine Clinic

Vetco – vaccination clinics held at Petco stores