Beans (formerly Aurora)

We adopted Aurora, now named Bean, a name she chose herself. Bean was pretty saucy when we first got her. Now she’s the biggest cuddle bug and demands attention. Bean is extremely curious to the point that when we are cooking food or bring a new item into the house that we need to show her how it works, and what it is.  Every day with her it is something new, she is our little shadow and always has to be next to, near or following us around the house. She is truly an incredible cat, alarm clock, and muffin maker. She is also well-loved online and loves every minute of any attention she gets.  Check out some of her videos! ~Geonna and Clarence


#catniptea was a success! She didn’t drink all of it, she spilled most of it 😂 #LetsCook #cat

♬ Gonna Fly Now – From “Rocky” – M.S. Art


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