Devlin & Penelope

They are great! And getting bigger and bigger every day! Devlin, is Mr. Personality and makes friends with everyone he meets. He is always all up in everyone’s business at all times. My mother, who is also their veterinarian, says that he is going to grow into a big soft snuggly boy. She adores him.

Penelope, while not quite as confident as Devlin, is the sweetest kitty. She will play fetch with her little toy mice all after noon. It’s so funny, she’ll just drop it in my lap over and over again. There have been a few times I have gotten out of the shower and she will leave it on the bath mat for me to throw for her when I’m done haha. She is also the only cat I’ve ever had that loooooves belly rubs. Every night she crawls under the blankets in bed and begs for one.

The both of them are quite attached to one another. When one can’t find the other, they cry for each other. It’s heartbreakingly adorable. As I type this they are dead asleep on my lap. This is great for them but bad news for my toes tonight haha! They still have all that kitten energy. Even at 2am.

 – Erin & Katherine

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