JuJu & Bridget

Julia (JuJu) & Bridget were adopted from Cat Tales but lived outside before coming to us.  They were initially very shy and did not know how to play. Their main activities were sleeping and bird watching. Little by little they are learning to be family cats instead of feral. After a few months, JuJu started to bat a ball of tin foil around the kitchen and Bridget loved a simple plastic spiral cat toy.  JuJu is now completely adjusted and she will spend a lot of time with me on my desk near the computer or on the arm of the couch. Bridget comes down with me at 6AM and has learned to meow to be fed. They now sit on the kitchen chairs and listen to audio books with me and enjoy being brushed with a toothbrush!! (Thanks to one of my fellow volunteers, Janet who suggested that as well as the Temptations cat treats toy. Now they love to circle the toy and find the treats!)
~ Kay
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