Patty & Petey

In September of 2019, two 6-week-old kittens, Patty & Petey were brought to the CT Humane Society in Newington. Patty had a pretty serious puncture wound in her chest, and since it was considered a “wound of unknown origin” CHS could not accept them. POA took them and immediately transported them to New England Vet Center in Windsor. Patty needed to be on oxygen, and her condition was such that approval for euthanasia was given.  Luckily, Patty’s condition improved quickly after 4 days and she was well enough to leave the hospital.  However, POA’s Foster network was not set up to handle quarantined kittens, so they contacted Cat Tales who quarantined them for required 6 months.

Patty & Petey were recently adopted.

Their adopters say, “ We love coming home from work. They run to greet us and they sleep together in the same bed. Thank you three-times-over for these incredibly sweet kittens!” 

~ Lorraine & Rob

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