Ricky now Riley

So, from the day we brought him home, Riley was instantly taken to us. His little purr machine never stops running, and neither do his legs! We call him Riley the Renegade – because he is so fast and playful – but likes to be curious, which gets him into mischief. There isn’t a toy he won’t play with, nor a treat he won’t eat. He hops up on his back legs and stretches for the food bowl every time I bring it in to feed him, and will reach up with his paws to pull my hand down when it’s holding a treat so he can eat right out of it. He lets out these adorable little “squeaks” as we like to call them: two in succession to show his gratitude. Whenever he is ready for a nap, he seeks out his momma and curls right up on my lap! He loves to sleep in the oddest positions and also stretch his body to the maximum while sleeping, and when he falls asleep, his little paws and tail and nose twitch while he dreams. He is so lovable and cuddly and a little prince from nose to tail. He greets us at the door when we get home from work every day, and his wet little nose likes to poke my mouth for kisses any chance he can get. He loves to give kisses and he even gives us baths – he will lick our hands or our faces when he’s laying down on one of us. It is so cute! We got so lucky with our little fur-lover. We hope we can keep him happy and healthy for a long time! He fits in purrfectly with us and it’s like we’ve had him for years instead of only a month.

~ Katie & Dan

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